Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The company ELDA has been operating successfully for more than 40 years. In 2008, they redirected their activities to the electronic cigarette market and started the production of e-liquids. Now they are one of the world's famous and award-winning manufacturers.

While the company ELDA is known for its award-winning e-liquids, the partner company IZY VAPE is a world-award-winning and market-leading company, known for premium vape devices.

In a very short time, IZY VAPE has won many prestigious international awards, successfully selling products in more than 25,000 sales points around the world.

The ELDA company has invested significant resources in the most modern production and equipment of the laboratory for product quality control standardized according to the HRN ISO/IEC-17025:2017 norm in order to continuously monitor the product quality and ensure a superior experience for e-cigarette users.

This year, the awards ceremony was held at the National Event Conference Center in Birmingham, where ELDA won the award for 'Best International Brand'.

The awards are divided into the following three categories: Product Awards, Public Choice Awards and Industry Awards.

'Best International Brand' is a prestigious Industry award that recognizes companies outside the UK that have maintained a level of excellence in all aspects of their brand, including the products themselves, their branding and marketing, their online presence and customer service

We are glad to be recognized as the Best International Brand and thank everyone who believed in us. Many thanks to our loyal customers around the world.

Your ELDA Team