Dario Marenić guest on HRT 4 - Studio 4

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

The co-owner of the Elda company, Mr. Dario Marenić, was a guest on HRT's show "Studio 4".

In a live report from HRT studios in Zadar, Mr. Dario Marenić talked with his interlocutor Mr. Damir Novotny, who was a guest of HRT Zagreb, about the elections in the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneurship, economic diplomacy, local government and Zagreb Holding.

Dario Marenić, entrepreneur, exporter and innovator, believes that the elections will give a man who will lead the Chamber well in the interest of entrepreneurship and in the interest of further economic development.

"This is crucial for all of us. The primary task of the new leader is to establish a quality economic diplomacy, which would promote the interests of Croatian entrepreneurs and businessmen on the world market," Mr. Marenić said.

While economic analyst Damir Novotny points out that the Croatian Chamber of Commerce inherits a tradition of over 165 years, but that reform is needed - "... it will certainly be necessary to make some changes in order for the Chamber to meet the needs and requirements of entrepreneurs in the future.

The whole informative show is available at the following link: