The new generation of e-cigarette has arrived – IZY VAPE, our alternative for adult smokers

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

We are happy to inform our new product Izy Vape – e-cigarette is available for the Croatian market from today 25th of May 2021. Izy Vape is designed as an alternative for adult smokers to experience the intense vape experience while switching from traditional cigarettes to more diverse, less harmful and affordable choice in the world od vaping. Create your favourite combination of flavor and nicotine strength complemented with unique aesthetics and discreet elegance.

Every move we make starts with the motivation of improving the adult smokers life in Croatia and world wide. We follow the company mission with the main goal of saving at least one human life by encouraging smokers  to switch to less harmful e-cigarettes.

Visit our new web shop to check all the product specifications and buy your first  sample of Izy Vape e-cigarette or send us an e-mail to

Let IZY VAPE be your less harmful alternative.