New projects of entrepreneur, producer and co-owner Elda

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Dario Marenić, a versatile entrepreneur, advisor, co-owner of Elda and also the producer of the video, is a guest on HRT in the show Studio 4.

Mr. Marenić spoke publicly about the problems facing the music industry, and especially the rock music scene. In a short intrview, he presented the work of cooperation with a good friend, Dado Topić from Nova Gradiška. In the project was created a "Song in the arms of my queen" dedicated to the Christmas holidays, and whose producer of  the video is Dario Marenić.

Dario Marenić is also the initiator of the Project "100 artists against the Coronavirus". The idea was born during the first lockdown when a friend and world artist, Charles Billich, complained to Marenić that the world situation was depressing. Then Marenić encouraged him to return to the easel and paint despite the situation in the world. He was accepted very quickly and within 3 days sent the works that became part of the Project.

The project involves Fortuna - ART Association of Fine Artists Zagreb, in front of which Ms. Karolina Bartulović with her preliminary work encouraged the inclusion of artists from around the world. Currently, more than 100 world artists have submitted their works on the topic of fighting the corona virus. The action is still ongoing, and world exhibitions are planned.

Elda has been supporting artists and publishing calendars for ten years, with the theme of electronic cigarettes and liquids for their filling.

This year, we published a calendar that used artwork on the topic of fighting Coronavirus.

You can watch the entire HRT interview at