ELDA received "CREATORS OF THE CENTURY" recognition and award

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

From the International Committee for Awards and Recognitions "CREATORS OF THE CENTURY", which consists of 15 expert members from 11 countries, our company Elda has received the good news.

In the competition of 562 candidates from 9 countries, Elda was unanimously awarded the prize and recognition "CREATORS OF THE CENTURY" for its contribution to the entrepreneurship development in Central and Southeast Europe.

The goal of the "CREATORS OF THE CENTURY" awards and recognitions is to acknowledge and draw the attention of the wide public to the great visionaries and leaders of the economic scene whose fearlessness, work, knowledge, creativity and top results set a good example to other companies.

Companies like Elda are the foundation and main driver of community progress and the creator of development challenges for the future.

List of laureats