Elda has announced a plan to build a factory for the production of disinfectants

Monday, May 25, 2020

The owner of the company Mr. Dario Marenić has participated in the short interview for the T-portal talking about the company business today and future plans.

The recognition of the good business idea and fast reaction in turning the idea to the product was a key to sustain a stable business. Today, the company is in a situation where the daily production is about 10 tons of disinfectants, from which 65% of the products are being exported, which led to the situation where the company saved its core business and business in general. Even though Elda has recorded a production decline up to 60 percent in e-liquids segment at the beginning of the pandemic and covid-19 crisis, the production is getting better now.

There is a plan to expand the market, range of disinfection products and to build a new factory for the production of disinfectants but will have more information about that matter in the future – confirmed Mr. Marenić.

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