In the midst of the crisis, ELDA employed 20 new employees

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The owner of the company, Dario Marenić, appeared on the N1 television show today. In a direct report from the production facility in Nova Gradiška, he emphasized that in this COVID-19 crisis he started the production of disinfectants and employed 20 new employees.

"Recognizing both the business opportunity and the conservation of the business, there was a need for additional manpower. We were fortunate to be able to find an additional twenty people," Marenic said.

Due to the shortage of alcohol on the market, it was extremely difficult to get raw material and start production. Thanks to foreign business partners and good contacts, a sufficient quantity is ensured to start production and meet market needs. The owner of the company pointed out that in addition to the purchase of foreign alcohol, first batch of alcohol from domestic manufacturer is expected soon.

"Crisis like this show that even the largest and highest quality producers have to think about the times like this " Marenic said.

Despite the e-liquid sales drop, in the deepest COVID-19 crisis, Elda has received orders from various countries around the world, recording revenue growth, which will ultimately enable new employment and development.

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