Croatian nation TV’s interview with Mr. Dario Marenic about new business venture

Thursday, April 9, 2020

A month and a half ago, the company Elda converted one part of its facility for production of hand antiseptics. The management of the company assumed that the whole Europe would find itself in a situation affected by extremely lacking in antiseptics, which very quickly proved to be true. Thanks to a manufacturing facility, in which has been invested over 4,3 million of EUR, the quality and the cleanliness confirmed by ISO standards, all the necessary documentation has been obtained and the company received the approval from the Ministry of Health for the production of antiseptics. It was necessary to obtain ethanol and adequate packaging for production, which created some difficulties, but thanks to good business contacts all over the world, resources were provided and thus the jobs and business of the company were retained. The Croatian Radio-Television interviewed the owner of the company, Mr. Dario Marenic. More details about this positive story that emerged from the crisis caused by the corona virus, is possible to get from the link below.