Piece of Elda at Cannes Film Festival

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

One of the company's dearest friends and business partners, Mr Charles Billich had a main role in a documentary about his life and work as an artist called Beyond the canvas.

Mr. Billich is worldwide apreciated avant-gard style artist, born in Croatia and living in Australia. His work includes collaboration with Olympic Games, Red Cross, Rugby World Cup, Grand Prix, Nobel Prize for Peace to the Vatican and the Playboy Mansion.

Film was presented at Cannes film festival and was produced by Steve Ravic.

Elda's passion for art is well-known so it's no surprise our facilities and offices are decorated with many paintings, most of them custom painted with vape and e-cigarette themes.

One of the greatest art works for Elda were painted by Mr. Billich himself and we were proud to place them in our company's calendar.

With being friends, beside business partners Mr. Billich and our CEO Mr. Dario Marenić have always enjoyed mutual respect and interests. We are proud that piece of this relationship is shown in truly remarkable documentary in which Elda is presented more than a e-liquid manufacturer, but also as a true art enthusiast who apreciate and cherish business partners same as friends.