Elda at first Hemp & CBD Expo in UK

Friday, March 15, 2019

First Hemp & CBD show dedicated to hemp and CBD products is behind us.

We are truly satisfied with our participation in this exhibition held in Birmingham, UK. Once again, our CBD range of products has shown lots of interest with visitors and future business partners.

Quality and innovation are our guidelines and this is excatly what makes our IZY Vape line different.

IZY disposable CBD POD is perfect way for vaping CBD, elegant and practical design with right CBD strength is ideal for beginner vapers, same as for experienced.

Another innovation, which visitors loved, is child proof box with CBD shots for daily use. Benefitial shots  are packed in ampules which provides easy intake of daily CBD boost.

We want to say thank you to all visitors, friends and business partners, we are happy to be part of blooming CBD industry and contribute with highest quality innovative products for our customers.

Your Elda team.