Thank you all for participation at the competition for the best Tobacco artworks

Friday, November 17, 2017

Elda d.o.o. would like to thank to all artists who sent their artworks with tobacco theme and who successfully presented tobacco plant and the whole tobacco history. 

30 artwork solutions made by 18 authors were received. All gypsum models are well-constructed and received without any damage.

Professional judging panel composed of: academic sculptor Tomislav Kršnjavi, president of Fortune - ART association of artists Darko Starešina, HDU chairman Duško Babić and CEO of Elda d.o.o. Dario Marenic selected 14 artworks made by 12 authors to become the permanent exhibition of the Tobacco Museum.

The list of the most successful authors:
Jelena Azinović, akademska kiparica
Goran Balić, akademski kipar
Stjepan Divković, akademski kipar
Petar Dolić, akademski kipar
Dragan Dužević, akademski kipar
Nikola Džaja, akademski kipar
Ivan Branko Imrović, akademski kipar
Anđelko Odak, akademski kipar
Petar Popijač,  akademski kipar
Dijana Iva Sesartić, akademska kiparica
Mirjana Hanžić Drempetić Smolić, akademska kiparica
Sanjin Vinković, akademski kipar

Elda would like to thank to all other authors who participated in the competition: Mate Turić - Mata Croata, Master of Sculpture and Professor of Fine Arts, Petra Šoltić, Academic Sculptor Tomislav Hršak, Master of Sculpture and Professor of Fine Arts, Bianka Garčević, ALU Student, Ljudevit Ostoić, Master of Painting and Professor graphic artists and Josip Bosnić, a professor of art culture-restorer. We appreciate artistic solutions of all authors and whish all of them very successful career. We are looking forward to some future cooperation.

By this exhibition and Tobacco Museum, Elda d.o.o. would like to enrich cultural life of Nova Gradiska and its surroundings. At the moment we are in process of negotiations with the Museum of Nova Gradiska where we would like to organize individual exhibitions which will fully present all of the chosen artworks.