Elda is opening the first world’s Tobacco Museum

Friday, November 10, 2017

Elda started with the realization of another big project. Company’s CEO, Mr. Marenic will open the first world’s multimedia Tobacco Museum which will showcase the history of the tobacco industry from its beginnings to the present.

In order to include only the best artworks, the company announced a public call and 18 artists sent their sculpture works. In order to choose the permanent exhibition of the museum, the jury whose members were the academic sculptor Tomislav Kršnjavi, President of Fortune - ART Association of Artists Darko Starešina, HDU President Duško Babić and CEO of Elda Dario Marenić selected fourteen the most original sculptures. The sculptures are currently exhibited at the Museum of Nova Gradiska. The opening ceremony of the exhibition was held on 08th of November 2017.

Elda’s CEO and the founder of the museum emphasized that the multimedia museum except the sculptures and painting works, will include its personal collection of over 500 models of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid collection - from the first bottles from 2008 till today's bottles in innovative packaging.