ELDA had a pleasure to welcome highly positioned guests from EU

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Company Elda Ltd. had a great pleasure to welcome appreciated guests, on 4th of June, 2015, headed by dr. Otto Bernhardt, German politician of the CDU,consultant of Germany's chancellor Angela Merkel. He was the Chairman of the Finance of CDU / CSU parliamentary group from 2005 to 2009.

Today he is member of Board of Directors of „Konrad – Adenauer – Stiftung“, foundation in Berlin and one of the most important business consultants for economy in different EU institutions.

In his protocol of visiting Croatia, has was followed all the time by Dragan Carapina dipl.ing., president of board of economy of HSP AS. Hosts were prof. Ivan Tepes president of HSP AS party, and main secretary of HSP AS Drago Coric.

The only one company that dr. Otto Bernhardt visited in Croatia was Elda Ltd. Vice President of ELDA, Davorka Marenic had a honor to gladly represent company and manufacturing plant, as well as further plans of company's development to visitors. Dr. Otto Bernhardt did not hide his delight of met such a successful company in small Croatian city that he also expressed several times for media: „ I didn't expect to see manufacturing like this in ELDA in such small place in Croatia. I could imagine company like this just in Hamburg, Berlin or New York.“ He expressed his pleasure by everything he saw during his visit to ELDA. Accordingly, he accepted nice gift awarded by Davorka Marenic, graphics made in order to promote company, whose originals are placed in galery of ELDA. Every of that peaces are unique designed by artist Drago Matosevic.