New single-dose mini ampoules in a 7 day package

Friday, April 4, 2014

Innovative packaging - First and only on the world market!


Carefully selected e-liquids  for you!

New single-dose mini ampoules in a 7 day package

Elda Ltd. has developed a solution to reflect the demands placed on packaging for high-quality e-liquid products: the single-dose tube.

It will be shown at Nato Show 2014. in Las Vegas, booth: 1147 and at Vapor Fair in Frankfurth.

Opening, application, disposal. Single-dose applications are popular with consumers, especially for daily easy use.

Mini ampoules 4U provides an intense, rich flavor with a lot of water vapor.
Ideal for carrying in a bag , use in the office , restaurant , nightclub, use during traveling.

These tubes guarantee a longer shelf life compared to regular bottle without child safety and tamper evident cap.

Once open, pour into an atomizer of electronic cigarettes using the special designed as a continuation of the tube.

4U M-Premium

It is a smart, simply and hygienic single-dose packaging especially for daily use!

• You can fill the e-liquid in all types of e-cigarette, refills and atomizers
• Easy to use
• Direct application into the catridge
• Ideal for one week (7 days) use
• Innovative packaging à First and only on the world market


• Content: 7x1.5 ml of e-liquids
• Production: Produced under cleanroom conditions, laboratory tested

- Prohibition on the use of children under the age of 18